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semely_scones's Journal

Seme England Community
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A Hetalia community with focus on England topping
Semely Scones
Welcome to semely_scones a community celebrating fanworks of APH's England being depicting as the giver/seme/top/batter/bowler/striker in whatever pairing. If it's Arthur showing Alfred who's the real super power? Awesome. Arthur showing Ivan whose the real rapetruck of the fandom? Also awesome. We don't care as long as England tops.
  • Remember to post Fics/Art/whatever under LJ cut, Fanart/cosplay photos/stuff like that can have a preview image of 300x300.
  • Remember to Member lock dirty fanfics and fanart.
  • Doujins must be member locked also, saying that, good luck finding any with Seme!England.
  • Post things with Original characters in as long as England's topping.
  • Remember to do that snazzy label stuff and place it above the cut of your work.
  • Tag your posts!
  • Have fun!
  • Be a wanker towards other members in the comm, no bashing characters, pairings, bullying other members.
  • Post something where England is the uke, or England isn't even in.
  • Post something that is not your own creation unless you have permisson to do so.
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If you are unsure of anything, feel free to ask the admin (abceza123) or one of the mods (ab_jaded & korundum).


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